How to Memorize Material Faster
* “Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor” People often joke about their 'bad memory,' but science shows us that our memory can be what we make of it. If we give attention to memorizing thin...
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How Meditation Improves Productivity
* “Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor” I don't know what my mornings were before I began my meditation practice. I can remember that I often rushed into the day without checking-in with ...
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Top Nootropics That Help You Sleep Better
* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Are you on the look for good supplements or nootropics for sleep? We’ve all been through situations where we struggle with sleep.   At the ti...
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The 8 Real Reasons You Can't Concentrate
* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Are you having trouble concentrating on work? You're not alone. In a study of nearly 2,000 employees conducted by Vouchercloud, workers averaged le...
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What Are Adaptogens And What Do They Do?
* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Are you tired of relying on sugar and caffeine to get through your workday? If you're up to date on health and fitness trends, you may have heard o...
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Hyperfocus: What is it and How to Control It
* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Have you ever found yourself “in the zone” where you tune out the world while engaged with particular tasks or activities? Can you focus your atten...
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These Foods Will Give Your Brain More Power
* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. The power of your brain is immeasurable. As it's the control center of the body, it's responsible for keeping your lungs breathing, your heart beat...
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Proactive Vs. Reactive: Which one Are You?
* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. For all of our personality types, we really boil down to two main kinds of people - reactive and proactive. Some people feel motivated to act as th...
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