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"Magic Mind is motivation in a bottle for me. It's hands down the best tool for helping me get into a deep creative flow-state."
Biz Stone
Co-Founder of Twitter
"My favorite product discovery. Energy, motivation, and flow all in one shot. I'm pretty's hard for me to sit down and focus, and and Magic Mind has helped me get uninterrupted blocks of focus time and get in the zone easier."
Justin Kan
Founder of Twitch
"The highest quality ingredients impressed me most. The science is clear with the compounds. I haven't found anything in the nootropic space that has worked as well as Magic Mind."
Dr. Dan Engle
Psychiatrist in Regenerative Neurology

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"Magic Mind has become part of my daily ritual. It pairs well with a good morning meditation. It's really uplifted my immune system and helped me keep focus throughout the day. I'm making a huge ROI just from the extra productivity I'm getting in my business."

Christian E.

Magic Subscriber

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"I'm definitely digging Magic Mind. I use it daily now. One cup of coffee around 6am, then MM around 8am, and I've got energy without the jitters or creeping anxiety, for the entire day. I don't get the afternoon crash, which is a noticeable benefit. My energy levels are way up!"

David A.

Magic Subscriber

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"This stuff is awesome. I have been dealing with adult ADHD and major depressive disorder for years. I noticed a different right away. I felt, calmer, more focused, and in the zone. I take it with my morning coffee, and it keeps me focused all afternoon and into the evening."

John W.

Magic Subscriber

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"I’ve been a 2-energy-drink-a-day kind of guy for several years. Since taking Magic Mind I don’t feel the need for the afternoon dose of caffeine. I’m more energized and focused at work without the caffeine jitters, and I complete more work quicker than before. I cannot recommend this product enough."

Ryan M

Magic Subscriber

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Works great

Provides a significant boost to focus and cognitive tasks

Love it!!

I really love Magic Mind! After 5 days I started taking it every other day. I’m 70 yrs young and this makes me feel that way. Unfortunately I’m on SS and I can’t afford the 30 count so I figure that every other day is better than not at all. Thank you, Christina Wohlstrom

Magic mind changed my day

I’ve been using magic mind for about 3 months now and I can say with confidence it’s changed my entire day and increased my ability to do my job but even more importantly it helps me come home each night and be fully alert and present with my wife and kids. No more afternoon sluggishness or fatigue and that means I am even more engaged In the things that matter most to me. I love this stuff

Love it!

I've cut my coffee consumption in half and still have the same amount of energy!

Rating is true as stated...

Going in open-minded, I felt I could try this. Really did help me give me that boost of energy I need to accomplish things. I felt a surge of energy without feeling terrible and exhausted after. I think i found my new obsession.

Don’t need coffee anymore

I actually don’t need coffee anymore. And I think that’s all I need to say to sell this product.

Magic Mind Mental Performance Shots

Magic Mind | Mental Performance Shot

I love it and feel great after drinking !

Ity is amazing, I'm not into plastic. I wish it was in glass .But great product. it really works !

Magic Mind Mental Performance Shots

I seem to be more alert.

Before I don't remember having dreams, now I know I dream every night. I have generally felt quite well despite this being a stressful time of the year for me (I prepare taxes for clients). Also I think I have felt more cheery, even though I have made major changes in my life over the last several months


Such a great product, love it! Brain fog melts away and I feel motivated and ready to take on the days tasks. And I'm loving the sleep aid as well! Thank you!

Clarity and Focus

Since taking Magic Mind, I've found myself more focused and productive at work. It clears the brain fog almost immediately.

Game changer.

I drank Magic Mind everyday for 2 weeks straight and here's how it went: I stopped drinking coffee and tea which both make my stomach upset. Big change. I hate gagging in the middle of the day from too much acidity in my stomach. I knew that was happening from drinking coffee and tea, but sometimes I just need that pick me up to get my work done. Those drinks help me work, but also make me crash really hard in the middle of the day. I'm not sure if it was the Magic Mind, or my prefrontal cortex fully developed late (I'm 31), but my life has completely changed since I went on this Magic Mind journey. I've been using computer programs in different ways and coming up with new ways to do things that I somehow haven't seen before. I'm making more efficient decisions at work. Pretty much everything in my life has been easier. I ran out of my supply of Magic Mind, but am still feeling the effects of these nootropics. I take tons of superfoods to take care of my body, but this nootropic wave is insane. I can't recommend this product enough. Only thing I would change is putting the substance in a big glass bottle so it's less harmful on the environment. Magic Mind really figured out something special with this juice. Tastes good, makes you rip, and doesn't hurt your stomach. The rest of the world needs to get on this stuff.

Tastes great!

I’ve had 10-11 bottles so far, and they sure are delicious. I can’t say that I confidently noticed an increase in my focus or executive function, but I am happy to continue for another couple weeks to see if that changes. Absolutely delicious. Definitely an energy bump without jitters. Can’t argue with that!

Magic mind

Amazing product recemend to alot of friends and family! See the benefits after one week or even a couple of days

Great Product, Just a Little Pricey

I enjoy the magic mind productivity shots, but I find the effects somewhat subtle, which makes justifying the price tag in our monthly budget a little difficult.

New customer

This product is amazing!! I have horrible adhd and anxiety. I'm on prescription medication for this but it has not been effective. Magic mind lets me focus, have increased energy and is a life changer for me! Highly, highly recommend!!

WAYYYY better than coffee!!!!!

I use magic mind in the mid morning instead of coffee now and my focus and clarity and productivity are ON POINT without any jitters that I used to get from coffee! Magic Mind is a gamechanger!!!!!!

Tasty, I just wish it was all organic

Hello! I thoroughly enjoy the taste and grounded focus from this product. As someone who is deeply mindful of what she consumes on a daily basis, seeing that some of these ingredients are not organic gives me pause about adding them to a steady daily routine. I have also read that it is better not to consume rhodiola rosea everyday, as it builds up in the system to a degree that is not ideal. I would be curious to learn otherwise

Utterly Impeccable

So skeptical at first, but this stuff is certainly magical. I have no idea how - but it keeps me focused and clear… task-oriented and productive, yet not jittery like coffee or any type of caffeine / x-hour shots. Coming from someone who used to be medicated for my ADHD, this stuff is legendary in my household now. My husband is hooked too. (And he never tries anything!) I sent texts out to everyone in my friend group - saying, I’m sorry if this sounds like an Ad, but I’m just so shocked at how well this stuff works! I started giving them freebies so they’d see what I’ve seen. I’m on another product with similar ingredients - in pill form - and it hasn’t had *nearly* the same results! Cannot thank you guys enough for this AMAZING PRODUCT!! —HT


Just wish it was a little less expensive

The ads are true

Most everything that has been said in a magic mind advertisement has proven to be true,
in my opinion. I rarely drink coffee anymore, I sleep better, and I am more motivated than I ever have been. Even if it’s a placebo, it does it for me. Drink magic mind.

Tastes is not strong works well

Tastes good works well

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