Fri, Apr 14, 23

Statement on Irresponsible Use of Kratom in Consumer Products

At Magic Mind, our founder has quite literally written "the book" on responsible, sustainable approaches to harnessing natural compounds for energy, focus, and decreasing stress. 

In recent months, there has been completely warranted scrutiny towards companies that do not put the customer’s long-term health first; companies choosing unsustainable approaches for the same (albeit temporary) effects.

Within our founder’s comprehensive guide (“Beyond Coffee: The Sustainable Approach to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms), co-written by the head of our Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Dan Engle (MD; Psychiatry and Neurology), we share the scientific findings around the addictive harm and lack of safety in the long-term consumption of several compounds, including one that has been in the news a lot lately, kratom, a compound that we have never and won’t ever consider for a product like Magic Mind given it’s safety profile.

Kratom, a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, has been used for centuries for its potential medicinal properties. However, the safety and potential dangers associated with its use are still being studied. While some people use kratom to help manage pain, anxiety, and other conditions, it can cause side effects such as severe addiction, seizures, liver damage, and even death. To break from corporate speak for a moment, it is honestly beyond our comprehension how any company can sleep at night recommending this compound to the masses for daily consumption (companies like the makers of the Feel Free shot).

As a company, we have always prioritized selecting ingredients that are backed by decades of research and have been proven to be both safe and effective. We are and will continue to be unwavering in our commitment to never compromise the safety of our customers. And our Magic Mind promise, which we tout to you in every package, is to only use the healthiest ingredients from the best suppliers, worldwide, for any of the active or inactive ingredients within Magic Mind.

If the alleged complaints about Feel Free and Botanic Tonics not properly disclosing the use of kratom to consumers are true, it is disheartening to see such stupefying shortcuts taken by some companies within the health and wellness space that can lead to true harm for consumers. 

As we saw this developing, and as co-founders of Magic Mind, we wanted to post this response from us, not as a knock against another company, but to any that are new to our brand and are interested, as a 100% assurance of the safety and forethought within the thousands of hours of research into Magic Mind’s formulation. This promise of safety has been at the forefront of our product development from day one, and we will continue to champion safety and accountability within the industry as a young brand with a growing voice.

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