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Asynchronous Work and Mindful Breaks at Magic Mind

Embracing Asynchronous Work and Mindful Breaks at Magic Mind

At Magic Mind, we're dedicated to creating a functionally asynchronous work environment that prioritizes deep work and reflective rest for our employees.

Deep Work: Cultivating Focus and Flow

Deep work is a powerful tool that can be hard to find in most companies. To encourage focused and uninterrupted work, we have implemented the following strategies:

  • No internal Slack
  • 24-hour email response time
  • Designating Wednesdays and Fridays as no-meeting days
  • Using phone calls for urgent matters

These practices help create flow states for our team, just as our Magic Mind product promotes flow for our customers.

We also leverage various technologies to streamline work, including:

  • for video messaging
  • Voice notes for quick communication
  • ChatGPT to accelerate brainstorming sessions

Reflective Rest: Ensuring Company Alignment

Regularly reviewing and adjusting our course is crucial for staying aligned with our company's mission. Reflective rest, like taking a midday walk or practicing meditation, may initially seem unproductive, but it often yields valuable insights that can save years of wasted time.


We encourage partners to try asynchronous communication methods, such as sending a Loom video, before proposing a call. Even if you're not a partner, give it a shot; you might be pleasantly surprised by the benefits.

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