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How To Accomplish Big Goals With Minimal Effort

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The Key is to Break it Down

Everyone wants to reach our highest potential. Whether your goal is to turn your hobby into a career or to reach an internal and personal milestone, the journey is long and can become overwhelming. 

However, if you prioritize and categorize your goals into small and actionable steps, the journey can be much smoother. Learning to take the proper preparations and ease your way into your dreams is something that takes practice. 

This list will provide options on how to break down your goals and make them more manageable! This will create an environment where you will be able to thrive and reach your fullest potential!

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Jot Down Your Goals

A typical stumble people hit is that they try to keep too many ideas in their heads. It's not possible to remember every thought that comes to you, even the important ones. 

Writing down your goals and how you want to accomplish them will help you prioritize your thoughts and focus on what is important. Placing pen to paper and physically expressing your goals on paper will help you get a clear idea of how you want to accomplish them. 

Having all of the steps written out will give you a daily reminder of what is next. And once you’ve accomplished a step crossing it off your list is so rewarding!

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Motivate Yourself Through Passionate Goals

Without passion reaching your goals becomes significantly more challenging. If you lack the genuine desire to achieve this goal, then it’s inevitable that you will procrastinate and eventually stop striving all together. 

It is essential to consider why you have set this goal for yourself before you begin to tackle it. Are you doing it for yourself or others? Are you doing it because you want it, or does society expect it? Do you love this goal, or is it something you think of from time to time? 

Knowing that it is truly compelling to you will make focusing on your goals that much easier! 

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Plan it Out


Planning and researching your goals can make creating a process much more manageable. Take the time to learn the best routes to get you to where you want to be!

Having a plan and making the proper adjustments in your daily life will make the grind much more manageable

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Create Easy to Follow Steps

Once you have created the plan, make sure it has clear and easy steps to follow. Making the steps too grand or out of reach for long periods can be detrimental to your progress. Being specific with your goals makes them more attainable.

If your small goals or even primary goal are too vague, you may find yourself losing sight of what you want and how to achieve it. 

Create easy to follow, specific steps. Let's say your goal is to eat  healthier, don't just say, "I'll eat better," say, "I'll buy strawberries and bananas to make at home shakes." Give yourself an easy target and get after it!

One Goal At a Time

Everyone has multiple goals that they are trying to accomplish at once. Sometimes, however, it can become overwhelming, and some slip through the cracks. In order to achieve all the goals you have for yourself, try going after them one at a time. 

Decide what your main goal is and take steps every day to accomplishing the big goal. This will be your priority before all else. Then, in your spare time, work on the other goals you have. 

Trying to achieve everything at once can become overwhelming and ultimately lead to procrastination on all of your goals. 

Regularly Review Goals and Progress

Keep yourself focused on your goals by consistently checking up on your progress. 

The daily grind can sometimes become so crazy that you can forget about the things you want to focus on most. Taking some time every day to review your daily, weekly, or monthly progress can help keep you on track. 

Reviewing your progress can also help you determine if there are any adjustments you may have to make to achieve your goals. 

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Challenging but Realistic

You want your goals to push you, but you don't want it to be out of reach or unrealistic.  Goals that seem out of reach can become disheartening and, therefore, unattainable.

Instead of having one giant goal, break it into small actionable ones that are big wins in themselves. Instead of combining your personal and career goals, keep them separate and break them down individually.

That way, you're still achieving what you want but not overwhelming yourself. 

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Be Consistent 

No matter what, you have to be consistent. You need to take steps every single day until you can cross that significant accomplishment off your list. Every day, you should tick a small goal off your list. Even if it's tiny, every day needs to count if you genuinely want to reach your highest level.

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Believe in Yourself

The most critical aspect of achieving your goals is knowing that you are capable of it. Believing that you can reach your dreams through the steps, you have laid out an unwavering determination will get you to where you need to be.

Try not to get discouraged about setbacks (they will happen). Instead, keep moving despite them! You will become more aware of your character and determination the more you let failures roll off of you. 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate Accomplishments

A win is a win, no matter how small. Celebrating small accomplishments keeps your momentum up! 

Celebrating the fact that you finally sent that email, or you fought off the craving for dessert are all things that need to be acknowledged because they are examples of growth. Small celebrations remind you that what you are doing is working, and you have moved one step closer to your overall goal.

Final Thoughts


Setting goals for ourselves can be daunting. At first, we may not entirely believe in ourselves and maybe confused about getting where we want to be. By taking small steps and monitoring our progress, we can make the overall goal seem much less scary and open ourselves to new and exciting opportunities. 

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