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"Magic Mind is motivation in a bottle for me. It's hands down the best tool for helping me get into a deep creative flow-state."
Biz Stone
Co-Founder of Twitter
"My favorite product discovery. Energy, motivation, and flow all in one shot. I'm pretty's hard for me to sit down and focus, and and Magic Mind has helped me get uninterrupted blocks of focus time and get in the zone easier."
Justin Kan
Founder of Twitch
"The highest quality ingredients impressed me most. The science is clear with the compounds. I haven't found anything in the nootropic space that has worked as well as Magic Mind."
Dr. Dan Engle
Psychiatrist in Regenerative Neurology

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"Magic Mind has become part of my daily ritual. It pairs well with a good morning meditation. It's really uplifted my immune system and helped me keep focus throughout the day. I'm making a huge ROI just from the extra productivity I'm getting in my business."

Christian E.

Magic Subscriber

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"I'm definitely digging Magic Mind. I use it daily now. One cup of coffee around 6am, then MM around 8am, and I've got energy without the jitters or creeping anxiety, for the entire day. I don't get the afternoon crash, which is a noticeable benefit. My energy levels are way up!"

David A.

Magic Subscriber

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"This stuff is awesome. I have been dealing with adult ADHD and major depressive disorder for years. I noticed a different right away. I felt, calmer, more focused, and in the zone. I take it with my morning coffee, and it keeps me focused all afternoon and into the evening."

John W.

Magic Subscriber

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"I’ve been a 2-energy-drink-a-day kind of guy for several years. Since taking Magic Mind I don’t feel the need for the afternoon dose of caffeine. I’m more energized and focused at work without the caffeine jitters, and I complete more work quicker than before. I cannot recommend this product enough."

Ryan M

Magic Subscriber

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Based on 1293 reviews
Magic Mind
Rachael M.
The husband approved splurge

Okay I’m totally guilty of snagging any supplement, clean ingredient bevy, or trending ritual that boasts in health benefits. So, when my husband opened my Magic Mind order, he wasn’t surprised that yet another product that promised the world appeared on our doorstep. But, what surprised us BOTH is that HE became obsessed. Yeah.. the skeptic drank all of my Magic Mind! Needless to say we are now on a subscription and always fighting over the last bottle. We both love the taste and the focused “kick” it gives us to keep going.

Love Magic Mind!

I love the burst of energy that Magic Mind gives me, I have suggested it to my friends and family.

Magic Mind
So great

Can’t live without this magic elixir!

Magic Mind
Katie V.
Nurse bows down

I’m a nurse and thought I tried everything!!! But I gave this a shot and y’all really have something special here!!! I can’t afford this but with just my first batch I got on my last whem… I can say this stuff is incredible!!

Not life changing

You guys send to many emails- it’s annoying. I already unsubscribe but then I get this email today. So I will say 3 stars from the emails, and the product. It’s only been 2wks so I think it’s starting to kick in.

Magic Mind
Sean M.
I am a believer

This is a product that really works to clean up brain fog in the mornings, and helps with focus when taken before creative type tasks. Heard about it on the You Made it Weird Pocast, and Pete Holmes is a big fan-so no I am as well.

Good Stuff

I occasionally have to speak in front of large groups, and if I am energetic and persuasive in my presentation, it can mean a big boost in income for me (it's a marketing thing). Last week, I had one of these speaking engagements and I took a magic mind shot 30 minutes beforehand. I felt energetic, but not jittery, throughout the whole 90-minute presentation. The words flowed freely. I did not have to stop and think about content or phrasing. I really felt like I was knocking it out of the park, and I must have been. In spite of the fact that the material I present is more technical than inspirational, at the conclusion of the presentation my audience gave me a standing ovation! It was the first time that has ever happened.
I'm also using it before client appointments now, and I just feel more focused, more energetic and more on point. It's a small sample size so, I hope it's not just a placebo effect, because if it continues to work for me, I will re-order.

Magic Mind
Vincent C.

I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, which has some awful negative effects. One of which is nodding off. For me, particularly when I drive. More caffeine doesn't help. I've been taking Magic Mind with my coffee for a couple weeks now and it has certainly made an impact. Also makes me feel great. I'll be getting the subscription.
And yes. I've been working on it. At the tail end of a long process obtaining a cpap.

Magic Mind
Laura N.
Refreshing Taste but no boosted energy

I was actually really hopeful this would work. I love the name. I love the little bottle. I love the whole concept and the company was a breeze to work with! Communication was A+! But I tried this once a day for 3 weeks and found no extraordinary boost in energy or focus. Didn't seem worth it to keep paying a subscription. Maybe my expectations were too high or unrealistic. I've never tried nootropics before so didn't really know what to expect. No jitters, no tummy ache.

Magic Mind
Brandon B.
Great for the mind

Recommend trying its very good

Magic Mind
JIll S.
My days are now filled with magic!

I work a lot, and juggle a lot of projects. Lately I needed to find a new level of focus that morning coffee was not delivering. I was influenced to try Magic Mind, and well let’s say it’s named appropriately. My days are now filled with a calm focus that lets me get things done, feel energized and sleep better. All without jitters, crashes or that upset feeling coffee can sometimes have on my stomach. Everyone needs to start their day with a some magic!

Steve Armijo

Love this product me and my daughter who is 21 take it everyday ….. thinking about my parents should be taking it every day

Magic Mind
Daryl N.

Works good

Magic Mind

It definitely lifts my brain fog and gives me so much energy. I also feel better immediately after I drink it . Only been doing it for a month, but so far so good!

Magic Mind
Robert T.
Feels good!!

It's obvious no magic pill, clean eating and healthy living is the key for good health. That being said, I can definitely feel this product work, especially when it comes to the desire to take on tasks. My brain feels cleaner in it's decision making process. Less brain fog. I definitely will give it another month and see where it goes. FYI it takes a few weeks for the product to truly take hold. I tried the 5 day sample a year ago and it didn't do much.. stick with it and you'll slowly feel the change.

Magic Mind
Anna C.
I'm drinking Magic Mind every morning

I can't tell if it's helping or not.

Magic Mind
Steven W.
Amazing product and service

Always great to work with the folks at magic mind and always great tasting and effective product.

Magic Mind
Alan R.
Indeed works

I work with over a million part numbers at work. I also do improv 2 ish times a week as a hobby. I'm sharper at both.

Magic Mind
Idan M.

Me and my husband started drinking Magic mind 5 days ago. I have to say the taste is really good and horrible at the same time. I’m not sure what it is but I just feel good. Like I took a big breath of fresh air If it makes sense. Let’s see how a month will look like..

Magic Mind
Jill P.

Seems to really give me that extra focus during the day, just wish it wasn’t so pricey.

Magic Mind
Jim C.
Product damaged

Unfortunately my magic mind was damaged in shipping so I never got to try it. I tried to email customer service but nobody got back to me about a refund or send me more.

Hi Jim! Thanks for letting us know about your order. We've gone ahead and replaced it in full for you, and thrown in some extra bottles for the trouble as well.

Finally, I wanted to note that we respond to every email we receive about customer issues, so we've reached out separately to help figure out what happened here and ensure it doesn't happen again.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Magic Mind
Benjamin C.

I have never had something that sharpens me and has me in tune like this !!!!!

Magic Mind
Gregory G.
Truly not placebo effect. This stuff works.

I was having a hard time maintaining a focused state until I tried magic mind. Worth every penny, which is something I seldom say lol. Do yourself a favor and try magic mind ! PS - it tastes great !

Magic mind

Magic mind is life changing. Keep it going magic mind

Magic Mind
Sean T.
The Magic is REAL!

Magic Mind takes you to a place where calm and productive exist simultaneously. Nothing but love for this product!

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