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Game changer

I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance so I drink it alongside my morning coffee. Before magic mind, I’d down 2-3 iced coffees to get me up and going (most certainly not a morning person). Before I know it, my legs would be bouncing non-stop and I’d move through out my daily work tasks in a sort of chaotic fashion. I’d get what I needed to get done but not always efficiently. I typically felt like there was always more to do that I might’ve missed. Like a sort of anxiety or worry that I didn’t accomplish what I could have. Magic mind gives me the calm and focus I need. I know what to do and being calm (not jittery) allows me the freedom of mind to remind myself I got this. Since I’ve started drinking it, I’ve felt on top of my game. I was planning to even increase my subscription from 15 bottles to 30 so I can stay more consistent with it. You guy have made a great product that actually works. Cheers!

Helps with foggyness

I enjoy this product, feel like it is helping.

Magic Mind

I like the calm feeling, energy and focus

It went great

Love magic Mind! Its helped me change my anxiety spikes in the morning. I’ve been having it daily for over a month now and recently moved to a subscription. Love it!
The real reason I submitted a review is the charity donation though. Nice way to incentivize feedback. Keep it up!


It didn’t do as much as I thought it would do

Amazing product, actually really works. Puts the mind to sleep. You also don’t wake droggy

caffeine reaction

The taste is delicious- my sleep was better than it’s been since menopause, clarity and focus were noticeably improved. However, it shot my blood pressure way up. After some trial & error, I had to stop drinking it.😔

Magic Mind
Lenka F.
Love it

Great product


I drink it every morning and feel great!

Magic Mind
Nicole P.
Magic Mind is great

I loved the clear-minded focus Magic Mind gave me. If only my boyfriend didn't love them so much, I would have been able to enjoy more of them to myself! next time I will be hiding them in my mini fridge at work.

Yummy acceleration

Produces good vibes

Magic Mind
Jason F.

I have really enjoyed my experience using Magic Mind! It's not often that the results a products claim you will have are actually the case. I do have more energy, my mental focus is strong with no brain fog, I don't get anxious or the jitters like I do with high caffeine drinks. It has been a really great experience for me.

LOVE Magic Mind!

I take Magic Mind mid-morning and it really helps me to focus and have a clear mind to get things done throughout my day. It gives me that little extra pep that I need to start my day! LOVE IT!

Magic Mind

Hard to find how to stop the subscription


So far I’m pleased with the product. I’m 55, exercise regularly, and do not take any meds so I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep. However, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep— it’s like being keyed up on caffeine, but without the caffeine. I’ve taken Magic Mind twice now in this scenario, and I made sure I still had 4-6 hours to sleep. After about a half an hour I could feel my body relaxing. And then fell asleep! I appreciate that it only takes a tablespoon, because it is pricey. I don’t mind the taste at all!

Magic Mind
Barbara S.
Works well

I take mine in the morning and it gives me plenty of energy, I don't feel any crash like work sorry term caffeine.

Great product

Very happy with my magic mind. I take it just as I get in from of the computer to start my workday.

Magic Mind
Noah M.
It works amazing!

After drinking a Magic Mind, it really feels different. It's like I don't want to STOP doing work, I just keep going!

Love it
Works great

Magic Mind
Jared V.
It was amazing! I’m

Wish I had the money for more I would order today. They taste good and effectively cut down my caffeine consumption by half.

Magic Green Juice

Magic Mind has become part of my daily routine. It gives a me good jolt of clear headed energy that powers me through my mornings and into the day. I feel that it has helped me through stressful situations by keeping me level headed and calm. I have been enjoying it before drinking my morning coffee because I feel like it stimulates my brain quicker and wakes me up. I love that they use high quality ingredients and that they continue to improve the formula. I started out with a monthly box, but if you purchase the subscription quarterly then you will save a significant amount of money.

Elegant Solutions in Biohacking

Wow team. Thanks for making a part time biohacker’s life so much easier. Well sourced, jam packed with the good “goods”, and an enjoyable taste to start the day with (doesn’t break my fast either!). Thank you again!

Will take this for my ADHD and stress management for as long as this wonderful supplement exists! Highly recommended and have given free samples to good friends and others who also love it too!

Magic Mind

Love them, and though they are expensive, you pay for what you get in these power packed shots.

Magic Mind

I absolutely love Magic Mind! It’s packaged beautifully, was shipped promptly and I can definitely notice a difference in my focus and clarity after using it.