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No more brain fog

I really like Magic Mind as part of my daily routine, so it's hard to pin point one fav aspect. But the focus and lack of brain fog, especially late morning is a huge factor for me. No more second cup of coffee, no more jitters. Thanks MM!

this actually works well

Use it regular when I need to be focussed and sharp or just on it.

Magic Mind Mental Performance Shots

Great product

Magic mind is a game changer, nothing better than starting the day feeling energetic and revived.

Good taste, more energy

I was surprised how much energy I had after a week of taking this product. The taste isn’t wonderful but it’s not terrible either. All in all, it’s worth a try.

Not to be dramatic but…it’s amazing

Quick and easy to throw back, zero crash and clean energy I can rely on

Magic mind

Simply a great product

So Far So Good

First nootropic I’ve taken that I can truly feel a difference. I have generalized anxiety and previously coffee has made my anxiety worse. Since taking magic mind (still some coffee, 1 cup vs 2 previously), I feel more calm, clear headed and reduction in overall anxiety.

I can tell a difference

It’s great. You don’t feel different but somehow at the end of the day I was way more productive! Taste is not bad either. Only downside is I feel bad using all that plastic

Magic mind is truly magic

Clean energy in a bottle! I thought I’d never have real, true energy again, I’m in my mid forties and I’M BACK BABY!

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Some effects, TBD if worth price

After a few days taking it I feel a bit sharper mentally, although not necessarily more focused. There definitely is something to this product, but the effects are not so strong that it's not super clear if it's worth the high sticker price

Best nootropic ever for me!

I’ve tried SO many others - they either hype me up too much and don’t do much at all… Magic Mind elevates and soothes simultaneously. Truly magical in a way that works!

Wonderful product.

Works pretty well

No complaints but not blown away either. Seems like a good product


This product is incredible!

So good!

Lots of energy and focus

Loving it

I'm loving the way I feeling right now. More focus more energy and happier in general

Magic Mind

Magic Mind is a wonderful product that I personally use daily. Helps keep me sharp.


Love the product, it’s been the perfect replacement for my morning coffee.

Works as advertised!!

Best focus/energy supplement I've personally ever tried and I have tried a lot. Works very well and I achieve flow state quite easily after consuming one shot of magic mind. Highly recommend you at least try it! Very healthy + natural ingredients too (I'm a Pharmacist).

The Best Boost Ever!

I am not a big juice drinker yet Magic Mind is the perfect juice energy boost ever! It is just the right amount of sweet and savory with Nootropics, Adaptogens, Matcha and added immunity support. Instead of an afternoon cup of coffee, I grab my Magic Mind for increased focus, productivity, and energy. I highly recommend it!

Powerful ingredients, convenient shots

I love Magic Mind’s commitment to clean ingredients backed by science. I’ve tried a lot of different supplements to support my brain, but I love that these come as little shots for quick support. Love love love.

Miracle product

I started the 14 day trial of Magic Mind and I was very skeptical. I felt a little different but when I ran out I realized how different I really felt. I was missing all the things the product promises. I started to recommend Magic Mind to all my friends and family. Thank you Magic Mind for a decent healthy product. I will be a life long customer.

Magic Mind Mental Performance Shots