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Dealing with fear as an entrepreneur

The common thread between philosophy, therapy, religion is how to avoid self-sabotage. When are we most prone to self-sabotage? It's when we are afraid. Within the entrepreneurial route, there's so much fear involved in it.  Anyone can get excited about something for 90 days. But that initial enthusiasm or the contrast to that shitty job you had wears off by day 91. Then, it's just the reality of “oh shit, I have to grow a business”. Psychologically, it can feel like life or death. That is the heaviest part of starting something.  Within that abstract realm. Rom Doss says, “the great way is...

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The one thing I do to have work/life balance

Work/life balance is non-existent for 99% of founders. When I was a founder, I had to try everything and get it so wrong until starting to piece together what is a great work-life balance today with two young kids, this podcast, full-time angel investing, and running a company all at the same time. And, I still feel like I have energy cycles to give to other projects.  I want to key in on the word balance. To get balanced on a surfboard. You need momentum. To get momentum, you need consistency. To get consistency, you need routines. Routines always come down to boundaries.  Setting boundari...

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Place the Ping Pong: Go async to be more productive

In a world where everybody wants to send a zoom link in and have a meeting with you. I had no idea how much meetings were weighing on my mental wellbeing until doing this and seeing how life can be without 90% of them. Ping pong communication You can place a ping pong ball exactly where you want it to go on a board if you can walk around and take 15 seconds to put it there.  Pinging ponging back and forth of… one person says one thing, you decide, you give your input, they give their input, you give your input. It's really hard to have precision placement of that ping pong ball, of your tho...

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