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5 reasons why
 Magic Mind is becoming a popular alternative to drinking coffee while working

After decades of research, we have finally developed a productivity booster that helps you stay focused and resourceful without experiencing energy crash.

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Find your flow state

Sustained energy and focus. Feeling fully engaged in the task at hand. Distractions seeming to melt away. At Magic Mind, we call that "flow state". And we formulated our shot to get you there more often. Find your flow state with a little help from Magic Mind, and cruise through your workday.

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Over-caffeination is holding you back

The science is now clear that procrastination is largely caused by anxiety. And too much caffeine causes a spike in cortisol, your body's main stress hormone. That’s why Magic Mind has less than half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. The nootropics (brain-boosting nutrients) and adaptogens (stress-mitigating compounds) do the heavy lifting to improve your ability to focus deeply.

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Tap into creative clarity

Our mission is to build the best beverage brand on the planet for creators. If athletes have Gatorade, we want to give creators ‘Creatorade’. Whether you're creating music, software, or a business, we want to help you do it. We all create the world around us. Imagine what we can build together with a bit more creative clarity each and every day.

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No crash and no comedown

Back to over-caffeination...the way caffeine 'gives you energy' is actually addition by subtraction. It blocks your body's adenosine receptors, preventing you from feeling the fatigue that builds up in your body as you expend energy — but it only blocks them for a few hours. The secret to Magic Mind? A combination of minimal caffeine from matcha with nootropics and adaptogens to give you long-lasting energy and focus without the crash.

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We wrote the book on it

Our story started with a medical condition and a doctor’s directive to ditch coffee. Our founder, James, began researching nootropics, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms to find a morning ritual that worked for him. He co-authored a book on these compounds and then fine-tuned his recipe with the help of our scientific advisory board. A decade of research and over 100 iterations later, we bring you Magic Mind.

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“After taking Magic Mind, I feel mentally wide awake and ultra-productive without the jitters of drinking too much coffee.”

Justin Kan, Founder of Twitch

Based on 1342 reviews

Magic Mind


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Based on 1342 reviews

Magic Mind


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Magic Mind


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Magic Mind


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Crush Procrastination

Crush Brain Fog

Boost Motivation & Focus

Sustained Energy & Focus

No Crash, No Comedown, No Jitters

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

A matcha-based energy shot infused with nootropics and adaptogens designed to crush procrastination, brain fog, & fatigue.


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Trusted by some of the top entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and creators in the world.

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  • “For years now, Magic Mind has been like my own personal magical mythical beast that I set loose to destroy my procrastination, lethargy and brain fog. But unlike a mythical beast it tastes really good, too.”

    Pete Holmes, host of You Made It Weird podcast and star of I Am Not For Everyone on Netflix

  • “Magic Mind helps me lock into a focused state that I need to be in whether I’m surfing pipe or working on my next big project.”

    Koa Rothman, Surfer

  • “After drinking Magic Mind, my brain fog lifts and I am able to conquer my to-do list with less distraction.”

    Alex Snodgrass, NYT Best-Selling Author

  • “We’ve been using Magic Mind in the studio together for the past six or so months working on this record. It’s become a ritual to take it together and dive deep into the creative process. The clarity, focus and flow we get from it, without it messing with our sleep patterns is a game-changer.”

    RÜFÜS DU SOL, Grammy-Award Winning Artists

  • “Incorporating Magic Mind into my daily routine has become a ritual that fuels my productivity and creativity.”

    Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Wordpress


Based on 1,863 reviews




Oh my God these are so good. The taste and I’m not one to drink this green stuff, but is very good makes me feel happy and helps me accomplish a lot of stuff in the daytime. 



christopher t. 


Been struggling with some mild depression and basic lack of energy. Started using magic mind for about a week now and most of my issues have been evaporated … that’s what it feels like !! I feel like my body has been reset!! Thank you

- Chris Taylor (Litchfield Pickleball)



Megan E. 

We have LOVED Magic Mind!

I’m always skeptical about supplements but the ingredients speak for themselves! Both my husband and I noticed that we felt more calm (yet still energized), more focused, less stressed and anxious, and didn’t crash as early as we usually do. LOVE! You have customers over here 💁🏼‍♀️ 



Elda m.C.

It feels like magic 

I have been mentally drained consistently. Matcha green tea was not enough to get me out of it. Magic Mind did the trick! It’s been 14 days since I began taking it. I noticed a difference within 20 minutes. I was able to focus and began tackling the backlog of to-dos I had been ignoring unwittingly. Everyday has been this way. My spouse started drinking it as well and is now hooked over the incredible concentration she has as a result. We both sleep fine at night. I’m actually getting the best sleep in months. And I started working out again. We’re thrilled! Thank you Magic Mind Team! 



Mark M.

Have been using this for years! I'll take any edge I can get! 




Works exactly as described. Love it 



Corey J.

One of the best wellness tonics available.

Provides me a cognitive boost to start the day without the coffee crash.

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